Pioneering the Future,

In order to obtain quality feedback, ALIS is constantly keeping the community updated on the latest news and developments, continuously seeking user suggestions and direction. Via this process of “crowdsourcing wisdom,” sound and successful ideas will tend to survive those not so solid, and we can move forward with the most practical and useful platform. Your activity is what makes ALIS successful. Let’s do it!


The ambassador program allows ALIS fans and investors to spread the ALIS “gospel” and inform others about the network. Certified ambassadors located around the world utilize their special skills, hobbies, and knowledge to share the message of ALIS with others. Ambassadors keep the community vibrant and active, translate ALIS resources to their mother tongue, hold Meetups, etc. If you are interested in becoming an ALIS ambassador, please send a message to Limited benefits are available to those who have become ambassadors.