ALIS is looking for participants to join the ALIS closed beta version to be published in the end of April. If you are interested please apply via the closed beta application form.※ We are looking for those with a domestic, SMS capable, Japanese phone number.


From the end of April 2018, ALIS will begin the testing process via the launch of its closed beta version of the platform. The closed beta launch of ALIS will include minimal, basic functions. The goal of the closed beta launch is to prove the unique value and innovation of ALIS, namely, that a platform built on ”reliable people and information evaluation logic, with crypto tokens as the central axis" and the "retention of article contributors," is a sound concept, which will fulfill a unique market demand.


The team has currently published a design mock-up for the closed beta release scheduled in the end of April.  A community feedback feature has been made available, so please check out the mock-up, and let us know what you think!